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Shani's personality shines through her speaking. Her passion for people spotlights itself in her realness. Shani brings energy, humor, and authenticity. Did she mention she was a theater major first?



Are you looking to work with someone who is not only professional but brings their own unique approach to your brand. Shani is creative, efficient, and takes passion in all of her projects. She looks to work with companies who align with creating a safe place; is that your brand?



Looking to work with Shani in a therapeutic setting? If you are struggling with managing the symptoms of your depression, anxiety, or grieving. Let's alleviate the symptoms together to get you on living the life the want.


Therapist Coaching

Are you considering a career in the field of therapy? Are you a recent therapist? Have you been in the game awhile and wanting a fresh look at therapy? If you are new here Therapy Coaching is about bringing out the authentic therapist in you to build better relationships with clients. 

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