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Shani Tran 

Founder & CEO





I get asked what is my style and modality? To be honest I just love sitting in the company of people who aren't used to feeling seen and heard. Most of Psychology comes from westernized thinking and most theories are by white men. That doesn't fit the population that I work with. I see a person first and then together we come up with goals for therapy. My number one goal is to give you a safe place to own it. When we own our healing journey, it is ours and we can show up authentically in our lives. That's the part of therapy that I LOVE. 

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Stephen T.

Office Manager


I am ecstatic to be apart of The Shani Project. My goal is to make the business aspect of therapy less stressful for the staff and clients. My intentions are to help out wherever I can. From managing the day to day activities, or if you have questions about billing, scheduling appointments, insurance benefits, paperwork or office procedures, I am your go-to person. This allows the therapist to worry about therapy and the clients to focus on healing. 

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Andrea C.

LPC (Supervisee)



Populations Currently working with:

Adults & Couples 

Andrea holds a Master’s in Counseling, a Master’s in Business Administration, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a yoga teacher. Andrea provides therapy services for a variety of mental health conditions in both English and Spanish. While her therapy process varies depending on gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, socio-economic status, ability, and more, Andrea’s style remains warm, empathetic, affirming, and insightful.

Working in the field of psychology, Andrea knows how hard it could be to ask for help and to find a therapist that understands your values and personality. She offers a safe space and works very hard to establish collaborative, trusting, and respectful relationships with clients. Andrea knows that growing can feel uncomfortable. Over the years, she has learned that we all need to be heard, understood, seen, and to know we are not alone. Andrea provides support in understanding who her clients truly are, and to identify obstacles to achieve their goals. 

Andrea uses an integrative and holistic approach, focuses on goals, optimal treatment, and lasting change. She works with individuals experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, distress, life transitions and adjustments, intimacy, and spirituality. Furthermore, Andrea enjoys working with clients who are new to therapy and also individuals experiencing acculturation stress. 

Andrea was born and raised in Argentina, and immigrated to the US in 1993. She has an undergraduate degree in English translation and an MBA. She has over 20 years of experience in corporate America and in large and small non-profit organizations and foundations. Because of her own experiences she understands the stress brought by life crises, family, job and life transitions, marriage, divorce, immigration and acculturation experiences, and relationships. 

Calah D.




My healing practice is based on supporting the space necessary to integrate one's whole self. We are dynamic beings with dynamic identities who go through dynamic experiences. Our mind, body, and soul crave harmony and I believe in creating the space where our entire being can feel seen, heard, and nurtured. The system we live in and life traumas we experience disembody these three parts and reduce our well being. It takes practice and support to empower our narrative, understand our bodies, and to learn how to hold ourselves in compassion and acceptance of what happened and who we are. Therapy is meant to be a collaborative process and while I have skills and information to offer, we can bring in every aspect of what makes you feel like you: movement, art, reflection, sensory stimulation, nature, meditation.... whatever your inner child, present self, and future projection know they need!

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Jennifer H.




I come from a multiethnic family (I am Puerto Rican and white) and I have created my own multiethnic family. I have personal experience with adoption both transnational and domestic (on the adoptee side).  I also have personal experience with co-parenting and blended families (on the parenting side). I am a queer cisgender woman. I am committed to racial and social justice and believe that part of the work in therapy is acknowledging the systems of oppression at play in our environment.

My aim is to provide a space for you to feel safe. A space where you are important and your words are trusted. A space to be heard, with dignity and without judgement. Just because no one can go through this for you, doesn’t mean you need to do it alone.  Whether you are dealing with complex trauma or just feeling a little off; nobody’s problems are too big or too small for talk therapy. I truly believe, and research shows, that successful therapy relies on the trust and rapport between the client(s) and the therapist. I approach each session with empathy, curiosity, and a sincere desire to understand.Your life, your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors are taken seriously.

Aniko L.

MS (Supervisee)


Populations Currently working with:

Child 6-12

Teens 13-17


My journey as a helper is simple and began as a young person facing significant loss. In my early twenties I turned towards my imagination and expressing myself through the creative arts to help me cope with life's challenges. 


It is my soul’s journey and heart’s desire to provide a positive experience in the therapeutic alliance and to help young people achieve results such as personal growth, empowerment, while overcoming everyday obstacles.


I am dedicated to social justice and anti-racist and anti-discriminatory practices of care. I am delighted to share my lived-experience to help others towards health, happiness, and well-being through the engaged process of therapy.

Melissa A.




My overall goal when working with people is for them to come to a place of understanding & acceptance with decisions already made, and yet to be made.  I make it my goal to provide individuals the tools needed for self-empowerment and improved patterns of living and thinking via humor, honest observation, and respect.  I often utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Based Therapy.   

Melissa currently only available through Telehealth for therapy. 

Melissa provides services for adults who experience a wide range of barriers including:

· Anger Management                       · Racial Trauma

· Communication Barriers               · LGBT

· Abuse/Trauma                                 · Life Phase Situation 

· Depression                                       · Addiction

· Experience in Holistic and Vision Coaching

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